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Do you have a problem with your toilet?

Our emergency plumbing team have been repairing and unblocking toilets for the Dagenham residents in the last 12 years. There are not many toilet faults that we have not solved before Whether your toilet is clogged - blocked, or not flushing, the Plumber in Dagenham can help you. We can help you repair your toilet, providing you with a free, no obligation quote and a competitively priced service

Blocked Toilet

Sometimes through daily usage a toilet becomes blocked and will not flush properly. This occurs because the effluent in the u-trap of the toilet exceeds the water weight used in a typical flush. With the debris caught in the toilet's u-trap, each time the toilet is flushed the bowl fills with water often times overflowing onto the bathroom floor. This blockage can be pushed through the u-trap allowing the toilet to cycle completely.

Toilet Plunger A Toilet Plunger forces water, which does not compress against the blockage. The water then pushes the blockage through the u-trap of the toilet allowing the water to flow freely. Most blockages can be passed using a Toilet Plunger. 

Toilet Auger If the blockage is unable to be passed with a Toilet Plunger then another option that can be used is an Auger or what is commonly called a Plumbers Snake. An Auger sends a spring coil through the entire u-trap of the toilet down to about 3 feet, a length that should break up any blockages located inside the toilet